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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasury Analyst - Spanish Speaker (m/f)

Tasks Treasury Analyst

  • Monitor and manage the global liquidity;
  • Communicate frequently with finance colleagues of global subsidiaries, banks and auditors;
  • Manage compliance with internal and external regulations. Give extra attention to KYC, AML and sanctions;
  • Big ticket payments and monitoring of other payments, analyse flows, analyse and report;
  • Help managing the various international credit lines;
  • Back up of colleagues and various projects.

Ideal Treasury Analyst

The profile of the ideal candidate for this position covers at least three aspects. First he has experience in (most of) the described tasks in a corporate environment. Bankers will be considered. Second he is a strong communicator with a strong sense of responsibility and flexibility. Third he is a Spanish speaker.

Our Client

Our client is a small headquarter of an industrial company with operations on four continents. From a banking and treasury perspective our client works in demanding environments: currencies, infrastructure and legal requirements are different from what we know from our Wester European market. The small team is stable, committed and non-Dutch (though they do speak English and often also Dutch). Team members cooperate but also have their individual tasks they can focus on.

Remuneration and Process

Given the specific requirements of our client, we are open for candidates of various seniority level, thus considering a broad income range. Please bare in mind this is an operational/tactical position.



Publication date


Contact person

Pieter de Kiewit
T: (020) 6586 118
M: (06) 1111 9783
Other details
Match criteria
Jobtype preference
  • Cash Manager
  • Treasury Analyst
Industry type
  • Manufacturing & Industry
  • Trade/Commerce
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Master's degree or equivalent or more
Contract type
  • Full Time Employment
Expected annual income / Hourly rate
  • < € 50.000
  • € 50.000 - € 75.000