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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search Newsletter September 2017

This late in the month a newsletter from us! This will not be the new standard. New assignments, vacations and other events got in the way. As treasury recruiters we should know about developments in education and if possible, contribute. The Minor Treasury Management at the Hogeschool Utrecht started again and the Register Treasurer education at the Vrije Universiteit redesigned her curriculum. We notice more candidates with a CTP and ACT qualification. Within our own organisation we started our “treasury for dummies” program. Every second Tuesday we are back in class. Test our knowledge the next time we call.


Pieter de Kiewit
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Treasury Jobs

We want to highlight the following four assignments in our portfolio:

- Senior Cash Flow Forecasting Analyst - Middle East
- Service Minded Treasury Specialist - Amsterdam
- Interim Treasury Project Manager - Schiphol
- Interim Cash Manager - Schiphol

Hot topics in corporate treasury - the survey results

Last month we organized a small survey, one question, to find out which treasury topics are highest on the to-do the list in corporate treasury. Both we and our partners from www.treasuryXL.com reached out to our network. Due to the set-up of the survey I want to describe the results in two separate lists.
We asked one question: “make a list with a maximum of five topics”. As this was a free text survey, there was a variety of answers. In total, we had to digest a list of roughly 125 topics mentioned.
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treasuryXL presents: Does your treasury have a digital mindset?

By Patrick Kunz
In an previous article I have talked about the IT changes that make life easier for a treasurer in the future (or now already). In this article I want to talk about the digital mindset of the person using the IT – the treasurer. Treasury is a numbers game. We treasurers use these numbers to optimise the cash or risk of the company. We make money with money. These numbers have to come from somewhere in the organisation and it is usually never treasury itself.
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“But what do you really want in life and in a job?”

Last year I shared my observations of an influx of Non-Dutch into the treasury labour market. Now I am no expert on Millenials or generation XYZ but I do see interesting developments in the labour market for graduates and candidates making a second and third career step. Let me describe.
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