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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search Newsletter November 2017

“Gentlemen don’t discuss politics”, so excuse me for not being a gentleman. Dutch politicians discussing derivatives a few years ago already showed their ignorance and lack in willingness to learn. Now we had the Panama and currently have the Paradise Papers and see new political turmoil again. It are, for the bigger part, corporates following the laws invented by politicians. Not that much news is discovered, I hardly see any prosecutions. It is not my place to state what is morally right or wrong when it comes to taxation. Is shaming the companies with the most prominent brands, doing what so many do, the (morally) right way to go?
Interesting stuff at least…

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8 years Treasurer Search

November is the month of the year that I will meet many of you at the DACT event in Noordwijk and when I, together with my colleagues, celebrate another company birthday. Time to look back and also forward.

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Treasury Jobs

We want to highlight the following three assignments in our portfolio:

- Treasurer met Corporate FInance Focus - Amsterdam
- Interim Treasurer - Amsterdam
- Interim IT2 Project Manager (part-time & full-time) - International & home office

Surveys Treasury Training & Education + “Post HBO Leergang Treasury Management”

Both from student perspective as well as from educators we receive signals they want to invest in training and education. In order to help both parties make a proper match we think two surveys are in place.

Survey - Treasury Training & Education
In this survey we want to focus on what is essential for potential students. What content, investment in time & money, with or without degree, etcetera? Do students need the education to do a proper treasury job, to improve their labour market position or do they have other reasons?
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Vragenlijst - “Post HBO Leergang Treasury Management” (in Dutch)
De Hogeschool Utrecht is bezig met de ontwikkeling van de Post HBO leergang Treasury Management en stelt een aantal vragen over de praktische opzet van het aanbod, zodat ze het toekomstige aanbod zoveel mogelijk op uw behoeften of die van uw collega kan toespitsen.
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The Never-Without-An-Assignment-Treasury-Interim-Manager

As long as I have been following the market for interim managers with a treasury expertise, there has been a small inner circle that is almost never without an assignment. This is intriguing, not only for aspiring interim managers and the ones between jobs, but also for me as a recruiter. Two of them are currently in an assignment via my services, one almost. Perfect timing to make an analysis, these are my, not too scientific, not so comprehensive, observations.

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