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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search Newsletter November 2016

Over the last weeks I tried to avoid all news around the US elections. Of course in vain. Before, the impact the winning candidate had on our local European lives might have been overseeable. This time this might be different. I notice, also with the Brexit in mind, that I am looking forward to the first results. What will happen with the €-$, with the interest, international trade affairs? Interesting times!

In the meantime, business moves forward quickly. Today a new team member started, last week we landed five new assignments and we are preparing for the Treasury Beurs that starts this Thursday.
Will I see you there?

Pieter de Kiewit
pdk@de-kiewit.com / 0031611119783

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Seven years Treasurer Search

The Treasury Beurs at the end of this week is always an easy reminder my company reached another birthday. Not Christmas or the end of the year but now is the moment to look back and forward. Read the article 'Seven years Treasurer Search'


What will be hot at the Treasury Beurs 2016?

On 11 November the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasury (DACT) organizes the yearly Treasury Beurs (treasury fair), the go-to event for the Dutch corporate treasury community. It goes without saying that Pieter will be there and he looks forward to meeting you. He wrote an article about the scheduled workshops and gave some tips. Read his article: What will be hot at the Treasury Beurs this year?

treasuryXL presenteert: Uitgelicht: Europese alternatieve financieringsmarkt groeit

Allan & Overy publiceerde recent een onderzoek waaruit bleek dat de Europese alternatieve financieringsmarkt blijft groeien (bron: FM.nl). Er wordt, volgens het onderzoek, door ondernemingen vaker over de grens gekeken wanneer het gaat om hun financieringsbehoeften. Ze kunnen dan ook kiezen uit meerdere financieringsbronnen. Expert Jan de Kroon brengt ons zijn visie over de toenemende groei van de alternatieve financieringsmarkt.