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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search Newsletter March 2018

After a number of slow years, we reached a situation where IPOs dominate the headlines of the financial newspapers again. For many group treasurers the professional dream come true. Exciting times! But even the treasury laymen amongst us often can remember the scandals around IPOs gone wrong. And the turmoil around crypto currencies strengthens this mistrust. Let’s see how the market will appreciate these new listings.

Best regards from Team Treasurer Search,

Pieter de Kiewit
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“Treasury Slashies” substitute for Trust?

By Pieter de Kiewit

The BeNeLux, Ireland and Switzerland house many fiscally driven entities in need of expertise and substance. Banks, lawyers, trust employees and other service providers can offer the expertise. If you are open for substance, expertise and stability at lower cost for your finance entity, there is an alternative.

Read more about what I think can be an alternative in the full article on our website

Treasurer Search and GDPR (part 2)

By Joep van Schijndel

In the newsletter of February we wrote an aritcle about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this article we will discuss in more detail on what we are doing, and planning on doing, to be compliant to these new regulations.

Read the full article on our website

Laatste trends in financiering: oog voor duurzaamheid

Door Bianca van Zeventer

Duurzaam ondernemen wordt steeds belangrijker voor de toegang tot financiering en financieringsvoorwaarden. Al langer wordt door overheid, investeerders en banken kritisch gekeken naar duurzaamheid. Waar voorheen de overheid en gemeentes het initiatief namen, is de financiële sector nu ook een actieve kracht in het stimuleren van duurzaamheid, door middel van maatwerk financieringsvoorwaarden.

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