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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search Newsletter January 2019

The last three years Brexit has dominated the news, last week we had a new climax. Many of you know that among our clients there are many treasury hubs and regional HQs. We often get the question if we already see a Brexit impact. The answer now is simply: no. Let’s see what 2019 will bring. What we do notice is an increase in changes in the senior part of the labour market. Let’s work on these first. 

On behalf of Team Treasurer Search, enjoy your week,

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Bank independent payment platforms, ING and Cobase the new kid on the block?

By Pieter de Kiewit

With layman’s eye I follow what is happening in treasury and technology and am intrigued by the entrance of Cobase, owned by ING, in the market for bank independent payment platforms. In this article I discuss my view and questions I have about the concept.

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Tips for getting your dream job in 2019

By Kim Vercoulen

It’s January and people are back from their holidays which a lot of us have spent reevaluating our goals for the new year. The beginning of a new year is a time where people feel motivated to make changes and this doesn’t stop at simply going to the gym to work on those triceps. Making a career move is also often a new years resolution. But where to start? In this article I give you some tips on how to get the job you desire. 

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Busting some of the ‘holy grail' myth of reverse factoring as example of supply chain finance solutions

By Marc Verkuil

In this article the topic of Supply Chain Finance will be discussed from the perspective of the Seller, the financially and often commercially ‘weaker’ participant in the SCF transaction. In the second part of the article the focus will be on the possible commercial impact of SCF for a Seller and on the regulators’, investors’ and credit rating agencies’ points of view and will present some conclusions and recommendations.

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