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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search Newsletter December 2016

Just having celebrated Sinterklaas and looking forward to Christmas people start thinking about what is really important. For most of us, our job takes a huge part of our time. A great job can contribute to a happy life. The lack of a proper "kerstpakket" or bonus does not. These are reasons December is a month in which we receive more applications. For us, December is the month we write our plans for 2017 and we think they are great. I hope and expect you will notice and agree.

Enjoy the holidays!

On behalf of Team Treasurer Search,

Pieter de Kiewit
pdk@de-kiewit.com / 0031611119783

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Afscheidsrede Professor Theo van der Nat

Aanstaande vrijdag, 9 december, houdt professor Theo van der Nat zijn afscheidsrede. In dit blog vertel ik meer over hem, onze eerste ontmoeting en de bijzondere relatie die we in de afgelopen jaren hebben opgebouwd.

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Stay away from the unemployment stereotypes

Regretfully not every corporate treasurer, cash manager of banker can find his next position easily. These are a few of my observations and some creative input unemployed can consider landing their new position.

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Treasury Jobs

We want to highlight the following three assignments in our portfolio:

- ALM / FinanciĆ«le Markten Specialist 
- Corporate Treasury Analyst voor opbouwsituatie
- Cash Manager for new Treasury Hub

treasuryXL presents: The end of the Notional Pooling Era: What to do next?

This article of Hans de Vries gives insight into the consequences of employing zero balancing as an alternative and how the Treasurer can still achieve his goals in the post notional pooling era while taking into consideration the autonomy of the corporates subsidiaries.

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