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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search Newsletter August 2016

Twice a year we have a peak in the non-assignment related applications. Around Christmans, also related to the expected bonus, and around the summer vacation. This is when people have the time to think about the fun & impact in their job, about their work-life balance and other important aspects in life. The good news about 2016 is there are a lot more options out there than previous years. This years number of placements is already the same as last year, which was a record year for us. So I invite you to contemplate. If everything is great, stick to your job. If you want to know what is out there, let's have contact about this in September.

Pieter de Kiewit
pdk@de-kiewit.com  / 0031611119783

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How about these Fintechs?!

With amazement we try to follow what the developments are in Fintech.
Will there be a new dominating company?

The potential for huge impact on our everyday life is there. Read our blog about our observations.


Treasury Jobs

At the moment we are looking for:
a Project Finance Director / Deputy Treasurer - Den Bosch Region
a Deputy Treasurer - Amsterdam
Hedge Accounting Experts - Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore

treasuryXL presents: treasury ABC

Together with the people of treasuryXL we also aim to help non-treasury-experts in understanding what treasury is about.
One of the ideas we came up with is the treasury ABC, written by Jan Doosje. See below articles about your treasury A-Z:
treasury ABC part I
treasury ABC part II
treasury ABC part III

ZZP, afschaffing VAR, DBA, wat merken wij van ontwikkelingen?

De afgelopen maanden heb ik met grote interesse het proces rond de afschaffing van de VAR gevolgd.
Aangezien wij ook interim management in treasury verschaffen is dit niet meer dan logisch. Het lijkt er op dat een echt objectieve duiding van dit topic (nog) niet te vinden is.
Dat hangt ook samen met de onduidelijkheid over hoe deze overheidsbeslissing zal uitpakken. Ik denk er het volgende over.
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