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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

ETPG becomes Treasury Peer

Not too long ago I met Magnus Lind and he told me about his intensified initiatives in the European Treasurers' Peer Group, which has recently been rebranded Treasury Peer. In a very short period he has, together with Susanna, been able to build a large network and have real impact. With his experience as treasurer/treasury service provider and smart use of social media he connects the treasury community and acts as an advocate on behalf of the corporate world.

Magnus Lind about Treasury Peer

This is what Magnus writes on his site: "On April 19, 2004 we had the inaugural meeting of the European Treasurers' Peer Group in Brussels with a handful of corporate treasurers. For a long period of time, I had met corporate treasurers being very lonely wanting to find a forum discussing with peers. Coming from the same background I could easily understand the need and therefore I gathered the first group. Since 2004 we have grown to the size of three groups in two continents with new members continuously joining. Our format has proven to be the most popular where treasurers actively assisting each other to solve issues and address challenges. The ETPG has grown from being a small group to a forum pushing the boundaries of treasury and having the most influential corporates and the most senior treasury executives joining. The ETPG has also become an influential corporate voice developing treasury from a C-level perspective taking discussions with senior decision and policy makers." Read more.

About careers in treasury

In the survey "Benchmarking European Corporate Treasury Organizations" Magnus writes, amongst others, about how career development is viewed within the peer group. Two important remarks are that the professionalism and education in treasury have improved and that treasury professionals want to remain in treasury. Consequence of this is that career options within the own organization of a treasurer are often limited. This is something I recognize: it's one of the reasons of existence of my company! Contrary to treasurers wanting to stay in their field of expertise, there is a number of trainees and management development experts that consider treasury as part of the career development of a financial. Within larger corporates there are many examples of the successful "tour of treasury" done by a trainee. Furthermore there is a number of treasurers who want to change jobs, but consider treasury a "dead end street" and just accept this. Last but not least, the new CFO of TNT showed you can make the step from Group Treasurer to CFO. There are quite a few other examples.

Expansion of Treasury Peer

Magnus and Susanna are ambitious and would like you to consider join Treasury Peer. Visit their site and get inspired. Perhaps we'll meet during one of the events they organized.

Pieter de Kiewit