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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Celebrating 10 years Treasurer Search - my story

Dear Treasurer Search Friends,

In August I celebrated my 50th birthday, 25 years ago I graduated and stepped into recruitment, 10 years ago I started Treasurer Search. If there ever is a time to look back and forward, it is now. I chose recruitment for many reasons. The most important are my professional interest in HR & entrepreneurship and my personal goal to have visible & measurable impact. Others are my desire to meet international organisations & people and satisfy my curiosity. I have done intake meetings for positions like biomathematician, catering employee, CFO, sensory scientist (beer tester) and group treasurer. For me there is no better job than recruiter.

I consider it a privilege to be involved in decisions who to hire or what job to accept. I know that people make organisations. It was taught to me at university, and also felt, being an entrepreneur and an employee. Work for most of us is a substantial part of our life and our (lack of) happiness. Having learned from the best, I found the way recruitment works best for our clients, candidates colleagues and for me. 

At age 27 I started working on my first assignments in corporate treasury and saw the impact it can have, the constant developments and the perceived complexity. I felt that specialized recruitment in that field would benefit many. Enough reason to build a good business case and company. Since then, together with my colleagues, I found hundreds of treasurers at various seniority levels, international backgrounds and in many industries. I am having a blast!

Many of you who know me, also know that there are enough ideas in me to keep on moving forward without routine. I see many differences between when I started and now, change will not stop. We went from paper-based databases to AI enabled searches, from only landline to smartphone. What will our world look like after the next decades? How can we shape our future?

I look forward to make better matches, also using the Treasurer Test. Hopefully I can further contribute in treasury education and help making corporate treasury more prominent in a variety of organisations. It will be great to find out how other countries appreciate the services of Treasurer Search. And how technology will impact both recruitment as well as treasury. I will continue enjoy working with current colleagues, candidates and clients. And of course with new ones. 

In 25 years I learned a lot, sometimes the hard way. I learned that life goals are not set in stone and there are things more important than work. To better appreciate the people around me who teach me, all in their own way. I am happy to work in a team where people can be themselves. Most happy I am with Irene, who was there long before the recruitment journey started and with whom I continue to go around the world. 

Looking forward to travelling on. Hope to see you soon, perhaps even at the DACT Treasury Fair this Friday the 15th of November?


Pieter de Kiewit pdk@treasurersearch.com / 0031611119783  treasurersearch.com | Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter


Picture of our 10th anniversary diner last Thursday, November 7th