Who needs a degree?

By: Pieter de Kiewit 21-05-2019

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This question popped up in our team after reading the following article by CNBC: “15 Companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree”. The last decades the percentage of people with a degree has steadily gone up. Our society could afford and stimulated this. Also because higher qualified staff is necessary in the modern economy. Unintended, this also resulted in a situation that positions didn’t require a degree in the past, now do. Especially during the crisis we saw this development. We noticed that “older” people with a degree started to complain about title erosion. 

At first I was surprised by the “no-degree message” in the article, but after some thinking connected it to the following changes:

As so often, this is not a simple equation with two variables and there is not one good way to go. And to be honest, so far none of our clients has been eager to recruit a candidate without a degree. Let’s see what the future will bring, what are your thoughts?

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