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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

IT2 Upgrade - An IT2 expert will help you upgrade your software to version 8.2

Within many professional Dutch treasury organisations IT2 is used as Treasury Management Software (TMS). Recently a new version has been released, so many organisations have to make a plan to upgrade their version. In our network we have three independant interim managers with extensive IT2 experience. This is a quote from one of their cv's:

"As a Project Manager I was responsible to supervise and coordinate the upgrade of the current Treasury Management System version (IT2). The newly released IT2 8.2 version supersedes the old version 7.1 and 3 Treasury Centers were involved into the upgrade process. Filling a bridge role between the vendor, the IT internal department (CITRIX, SQL, App servers teams) and the treasury staff members across the globe. Also I provided guideline throughout the testing phase, by building the test case scenarios, ensuring the positive, negative and the regression testing are performed within the dedicated timeframe. Preparing the system, together with IT relevant people, for the coming GO LIVE in the beginning 2015."

If you consider upgrading your IT2 in the next months, consider the services of these interim managers. 
Click here to view the profile of one of het available professionals for the IT2 Upgrade service.

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