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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasury Internship Supervisor – A senior treasurer as a coach for a treasury intern or study group

As a recruiter in treasury, we like to play an active and independent role in education in the field of treasury. This led for example to providing guest lecturers, giving a lecture at the newly launched minor at the ‘Hogeschool Utrecht’ and regular meetings with Register Treasurer candidates about their internship.

Especially in organizations without their own treasury department that start to think about implementing treasury employees, the deployment of an intern or a study group may be appropriate. If there is within such an organization a lack of time or expertise, it is a consideration to make use of an (almost) retired treasurer as an internship supervisor which can accompany the intern or study group. Many of them like to share their knowledge and do this in an accessible manner.

If you consider a Treasury Internship Supervisor, consider the services of these interim managers.
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