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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasury Coach – A senior treasury professional as a coach for (the recruitment of) a junior treasurer

Many of your employees work in a discipline in which juniors can be supported by the seniors on the same team, for example, in accounting or control. There is a lot of education in these areas and expertise on social media is present.

Employees in treasury often work alone or in a small team and need their support from professionals in treasury. We have a number of senior professionals in our network that are able to provide this support on a regular basis. They can be scheduled on a regular basis as well as on demand. We can also involve them in the recruitment process. In that case they support with the intake, do a professional screening of the final two candidates and coach the new employee and/or his supervisor in the training period.

If you consider the expertise of a Treasury Coach, consider the services of these interim managers.
Click here to view the profile of one of the available professionals.

Do you want more information about this service?
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