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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Fuel Hedging - An expert will tell you everything about dealing with fluctuating fuel prices

Rising and falling fuel prices have a big impact on the profit and loss statement (P&L) of your organization. Sometimes this works to your benefit, but unfortunately not always! Your customers are not willing to bear these risks for you. Hedging interest rate and currency fluctuations cost is well known. That this is also possible with fuel is not as well known.

One of the experts in our network has built a track record in designing robust treasury organizations that can deal with fluctuating fuel prices (fuel hedging). In an informal conversation with him you can decide whether you want to start with fuel hedging or not.

If you consider the service Fuel Hedging, consider the services of these interim managers.
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Do you want more information about this service?
Please contact Pieter de Kiewit
T: +31 6 1111 9783
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