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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Non-profit Treasurer on Call - A (former) financial director, banker or non-profit treasurer as a coach for your non-profit organization

Non-profit has been popular over the past few years and therefore a lot of new non-profit organizations started up. Many decision makers knew something about non-profit but did not know everything and this led, at some organizations, to a complete ban of financial derivatives, which many/all treasury experts see as banning of not only the bad but also the good things.

It can be useful to talk with independent professionals to get feeling for topics like financing, cash flow planning, financial markets and banking relationships. These professionals can be (former) financial directors, bankers or non-profit treasurers. Depending on your question, they can support for example in concept formation, policy formulation and transactions.

If you consider the Non-profit Treasurer on Call, consider the services of these interim managers.
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