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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasury Quick Scan – An experienced hands-on treasurer makes a scan to see if it is worthwhile for your organization to invest in treasury

On a daily basis we notice that treasury is something where human resource managers, directors/owners, and financial managers do not like to work with or is something that they prefer to keep away from their own work. The daily routines, unfamiliarity with the discipline and lack of interest will not change their feeling about treasury. Many organizations are not big enough for a treasury department but this does not mean that in those organizations costs cannot be decreased or (funding) opportunities can be not created. To be ‘in control’ of treasury it is not always necessary to have a complete department for it.

Based on a low threshold, an experienced hands-on treasurer can make a first scan of your organization and determine whether it can be worthwhile to invest time in treasury.

If you consider the Treasury Quick Scan, consider the services of these interim managers.
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