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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Corporate Treasurer on Call - A former Group Treasurer of a listed company as a coach of your CFO

Your organization does not have treasury employees or they are not at the right level. You notice this especially when you are busy with (re)financing, when you think about your bank account or when you want to bring your working capital to a higher level. These kind of challenges are present on a regular base and you are looking for a stable solution, a person to share your thoughts with.

Treasurer Search has discussed similar situations with a group of former Group Treasurers, including several persons who have worked at listed companies. They are all retired, full of energy and willing to share their expertise with you. They can help your organization in just one session, but it is also possible to connect them for a longer time to your organization. In that case there will be a conversation with the professional each quarter and more intensively when there are important projects that need attention of the Group Treasurer.

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