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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Rent a Treasurer

Rent a Treasurer is a joint venture of treasuryXL and Treasurer Search. With Rent a Treasurer we help organisations without treasury expertise by bringing highly skilled interim treasury managers.

Our expertise enables us to find the perfect match. We distinguish ourselves with the unique attention that we bring to every client relationship. Based on trust and transparency, these relationships have grown into a deep and extensive business network. When working with us, you benefit not only from our expertise, but also from our reputation within the treasury community. 

Our passionate interim treasury managers love working in smaller size organisations where they can have real impact, save costs, mitigate risk and create opportunities. 

treasuryXL function

One of the important target audiences of treasuryXL is the group of CFOs, group controllers and entrepreneurs who, consciously or not, deal with treasury topics. 
In the content distributed on the treasuryXL platform the following is taken into consideration: 

  • Non-technical treasury information on a regular basis with a clear upside-story.
  • The communication channels that are used are also the ones that hardcore treasurers might not tune into but other financials do. 

All the pieces of the puzzle have been on the table for a long time. The plans are here and now we will act. As Ben Tiggelaar states: “the gap between plans and success is action”. 

How to Rent a Treasurer?

Via treasuryXL you can “rent a treasurer”, click the link for more information and find out how our treasurers can help your business. 


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