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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Between Contractor and Consultant

You work in a medium or small sized organization, at a municipality, a hospital or another kind of organization that has no treasurer or cash manager and you think that there is too little to do for such a person or even nothing at all. But maybe there is…

You lead a professional treasury organization and you have the opportunity to set up a project, but you do not have the right in-house expertise. A US private placement, business development in a specific country, a securitization...

Hiring someone is a step too far, as is using the services of a large consultancy organization. Accessible and high quality treasury expertise is available. Group treasurers, cash managers and bankers retire (early) but are still intrigued by the field. Self-employed professionals are in between jobs. Higher education teachers are looking for cases from the field. Treasurer Search can bring several parties together by offering several extra services, in collaboration with treasury professionals and managers. With these services, we do not want to substitute consultancy organizations. We would like to lend support on treasury issues that remain unanswered. Deployment of the professionals will be based on self-employed contracts. We create a low threshold by offering solutions for short assignments at a relatively low fee or a fee upon result.

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