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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Your treasury issue, our network

These days you can just open the newspaper or turn on the radio and know that treasury as a discipline is gaining importance. Training, technology, and financial markets all have impact on a discipline that is rapidly evolving. However, for CFO’s and HR managers, treasury issues are only a (small) part of their mission. What to do if treasury issues pop up in their busy schedule?

The Kiewit Treasurer Search focuses entirely on recruitment for permanent and temporary positions in treasury, corporate finance and cash management. We are intermediaries and establish and continuously maintain contact with candidates, clients and influentials. Industry wide networking is our primary process. If you have a treasury question that is not related to recruitment, consider using our network. Chances are that we have companies or individuals in our network, who can answer your question accurately. If you enter into a contract with a party from our network then this is between you and that party. Hopefully we can help you with this in such a way that you think of us if you have an opening in your treasury department.

We want to constantly strengthen your and our treasury expertise. To achieve this we ask industry experts (employees and interim managers) to write business cases. Via our website and social media we distribute these business cases to people for whom we think these cases are relevant. If you want to know more about these cases or their authors, you can always contact us.