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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Working Methods


It is our task to manage your hiring of the proper employees for your treasury department. We list your requirements, do a feasibility study so we can provide you with tailor made advice, communicate with the labour market, inform candidates and check whether the candidates comply with your requirements. We only present suitable candidates and manage the process until the final recruitment of the candidate. Good recruitment is not an off-the-shelf-product. Your specific situation determines how we deploy our services.

Recruitment tools

The profile of the ideal candidate, his motivation, your process requirements, and the labour market situation determine together which recruitment tools are best in your situation. Direct search is to confidentially contact candidates who are not actively screening the market, and who are working in environments discussed together at the start of the process. Advertisement (print and/or online) in media viewed by the target group generates actively and latently searching candidates. Over file search we contact candidates we have met before and whom we promised to inform about interesting positions.


Our fee structure is always success related. Risk, the profile of the ideal candidate, the situation in the labour market, commitment and guarantee are input for a tailor made agreement.