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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

How new treasurers are being made at the Hogeschool Utrecht

K. Vercoulen 01-10-2018 12:55 PM
Categories: Labour Market

Corporate treasury has never been a substantial part of the curriculum of Bachelor and Master studies in The Netherlands. Over time I only met a few young graduates from France that invested substantial time in the subject (and found them a new position). De Amsterdamse Academie and Duisenburg School of Finance made some attempts, in my perception mostly from a financial services perspective. The last years the Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) has offered the Minor Treasury Program.

For those of us with an old school education, Wikipedia says: “An academic minor is a college or university student's declared secondary academic discipline during their undergraduate studies”. This translates roughly to one third of a year in this specific minor program of the HU. The minor combines gaining theoretical & practical knowledge with the development of professional skills.

Frans Boumans, the program manager likes to include field experts and I was, for the third time allowed to present a class the treasury labour market and my observations about treasury organisations. Students joining have a specialization in business economics, audit or financial services. Especially the role of treasury in medium sized organisations got extra attention. What the group lacked in knowledge, they easily compensated with enthusiasm. I hope I can, as before, help some of them enter the field of (corporate) treasury.

For those of you interested in the program, perhaps you are looking for an intern, a young graduate or you are a student choosing a minor, you can read more through the follow links:

On behalf of www.treasuryXL.com Roy Baaten coordinates extra industry contacts for Frans Boumans. If you want to, you can reach out to him through info@treasuryXL.com. He is still presenting industry experts with Frans. Furthermore he will include the students in the development of the Treasurer Test.

I am very positive about this program as it contributes to a more solid foundation under the field of corporate treasury. In my opinion, not enough of us enjoy the benefits good treasury can offer an organisation.


Pieter de Kiewit


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