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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

The Treasurer Test version 2.0 integrated in our services

Pieter de Kiewit 11-11-2021 9:00 AM
Categories: About Us, Labour Market

The essence of proper recruitment, what makes the job hard and so very interesting, is how well a candidate will do in a new position. As we are not recruiting robots and real life is unpredictable, 100% perfect matching is impossible. There are various recruitment instruments one can use to improve the prediction: interviews, cv screening, checking diplomas & references, et cetera. Scientific research has been done and (on-line) assessments are at the top of the list.

As there is not (yet) a standard in measuring corporate treasury skills and many hiring managers do not possess treasury expertise, measuring and predicting objectively makes treasury recruitment extra hard. This and the fact that the development of on-line assessments is much easier than 20 years ago, we happily helped developing the Treasurer Test in 2017. Our clients appreciated the integration of the assessment in our recruitment and we are happy to inform you an updated version.

The Treasurer Test can be bought by anyone through the website and is not only available for clients of Treasurer Search. When clients work together with us in an exclusive assignment, three assessments are included at no extra cost. After the candidate completes the assessment we discuss the results, with both candidate and client. A Big5 personality assessment is integrated and we notice that our input brings extra value. Currently Kim and I, together with an assessment expert, work on how we can improve intake meetings and reports using his expertise.

Although it is not our core business and business model, career calibration meetings with candidates are an important task for us. Many of our candidate meetings do not start with a specific assignment. We often start with what a candidate has to offer and is looking for. Also here we notice that the Treasurer Test can be useful. Currently we are working with the people of treasuryXL if we can offer the assessment for a “coaching-price”. If you are interested, please let us know. 

We will keep you informed about, what we consider one of the most exciting innovations in recruitment since Treasurer Search started. 



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