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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Rent a Treasurer – Joint Venture treasuryXL & Treasurer Search

treasuryXL & Treasurer Search 11-06-2020 10:00 AM
Categories: About Us, Treasury

Organisations with treasury exposure, without the expertise. The ones of you who know me longer, know this is one of my favourite hobby horses. For a longer period of time I have been tinkering with many plans to help the aforementioned organisations. This led to contributions to treasuryXL as a community and educational institutes like the Hogeschool Utrecht and the Vrije Universiteit. Now we will work on the obvious: bringing highly skilled treasury interim managers to organisations without a treasurer. 

Treasurer Search has a long and solid track record in finding interim treasury managers to large organisations with a corporate treasury function. One of our team members reaches out on a continuous basis to these managers to ask them about their availability, skills and preferences. Many of these managers love to work in smaller size organisations. There they can have real impact, save costs, mitigate risk and create opportunities. 

One of the important target audiences of treasuryXL is the group of CFOs, group controllers and entrepreneurs who, consciously or not, deal with treasury topics. In the content distributed on the platform the following is taken into consideration: non-technical treasury information on a regular basis with a clear upside-story. The communication channels that are used are also the ones that hardcore treasurers might not tune into but other financials do. 

All the pieces of the puzzle have been on the table for a long time. The plans have been there for a long time and now we will act. As Ben Tiggelaar states: “the gap between plans and success is action”. Through treasuryXL you can “rent a treasurer”, click the link for more information about the concept. They are knowledgeable, flexible, have a long term focus and a fair rate. If you agree with me that too many organisation do not benefit from good treasury and we have a good concept, will you help us making this a success?

Thank you,

On behalf of Treasurer Search, Pieter
On behalf of treasuryXL, Kendra

Reactions (2)

John Perris 15-06-2020 6:03 PM
I am a fully qualified Treasurer and Chartered Accountant with significant treasury and risk management experience and would love to be on your panel of Treasurers.
geertjan jellema 11-06-2020 9:21 PM
Pieter, Please put me on your list as part-time treasurer for interesting treasury postitions. I do have a contract with Quion - mortage servicer - but that is for four days a week. I did have some smaller cash management projects with some organizations who did need treasury or simpler cash management advice, but did not need a full time assistance. These smaller assignments are truly rewarding ! Regards, Geertjan Jellema


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