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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Recruitment and the Measuring Stick

Pieter de Kiewit 15-02-2018 3:46 PM
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For me, being an engineer by education and the son of engineers, the everlasting mantra is “meten is weten”: to measure is to know. Now in my 25th year in recruitment I am still surprised how big a role gut feeling plays in recruitment processes. I made a list of relevant recruitment measuring sticks and my thoughts on them.

  1. “If you did the job before, you can do it again” but also “if you did it before, why would you want to do it again?”. The cv of a candidate is one of the best predictors for success. This is about experience in relevant tasks, similar organisations and situations.
  2. Having completed an education at academic level is an indicator of IQ and persistence. Among experts IQ is considered one of the best predictors for success in a new position. Alternatively one can test IQ or competences and compare with a peer group.
  3. As to education, the labour market of corporate treasurers offers an extra challenge. A quick scan shows that only 10% has a professional treasury education. Matching the candidate purely on treasury education might exclude too many good candidates.
  4. Assessment of the personality of a candidate can be valuable. But only if the hiring manager and recruitment expert defined the ideal personality given the position and the organisation.
  5. Research shows that the value of personal interviews, executed both by recruiters and hiring managers, are a relatively weak measuring stick. Of course exchanging information about the background and motivation of the candidate on one hand and the position & organisation on the other, is essential. You want to get to know each other!
  6. Properly executed reference checks are a proven strong predictors for success. Do prepare the questions you want to ask and rise over the level of “was he good at his job?”.

Many hiring managers are not active in treasury and do not have any benchmark material. This makes measuring how good the candidate is a tougher job. References and involving experts (niche recruiters) might be a solution for this. Together with others we currently work on creating an extra measuring stick. You will be informed about this shortly. And let’s not forget that measuring sticks in people business are not as strong as in engineering business.

Which important measuring stick did I miss and what is your favourite?

Pieter de Kiewit


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