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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Invitation Only Round Tables – The Zoom version

Pieter de Kiewit 21-01-2021 1:08 PM
Categories: About Us

At the start of last year we prepared for a new initiative: Invitation Only Round Tables. Together with our proactive network we listed a number of topics and groups of experts who would meet in person. 12 people in a room, an expert presents and the group has a meeting of minds. Not just transferring knowledge but dialogue and input about the reality of the work of a corporate treasurer. My personal opinion is that these meetings work best if all are in one room. I wrote: “We will not organize online round tables and wait until the COVID-19 situation allows personal meetings”. In our original blog you can read about the plan of approach: https://www.treasurersearch.com/blogs/3/ou3yem-invitation-only-round-tables

Now, almost a year has passed and we all want to move forward. The last table scheduled would have been a great one with “treasury in Japanese organisations” as the topic. We had to cancel. The current choice is not between a round table in person or one on-line. The choice is between having an on-line or no round tables at all.

The team came together and we decided to set up a Zoom infrastructure and try how on-line round tables will be. Perhaps we will be surprised by the quality and decide this will be the new standard. Upside is that traveling will not be necessary and we can include a more international audience. I am curious if information exchange will be as good and we will most definitely miss the drinks afterwards.

The principles remain the same. The focus will not be on the knowledge of the expert but on all participants contributing. So groups will be relatively small. We will start with two or three pilot cases, evaluate and inform you how well this works. If you want to participate, have specific groups or topics in mind, let us know. To be continued,



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