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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Support Bianca in supporting you!

Bianca Hovens 20-10-2022 3:05 PM
Categories: Labour Market

Let me briefly introduce myself: my name is Bianca Hovens and since 2015 I am working at Treasurer Search. Important part of my work is thinking about how we store data in such a way we can find you when an interesting opportunity pops up. And of course constantly updating data based upon input sent to us or what we find ourselves.

Treasurer Search has grown to a team of 8 persons, technology is changing constantly and also developments like GDPR have a big impact on my work. Never a dull moment! Currently the team as a whole is working with me on re-connecting with many of you. Next to that we started thinking again about the design of our database. What worked 15 years ago, does not necessarily work today.

With currently over 13,000 treasury candidates in our database, many clients and contact persons, you can imagine there is enough to do! So I am inviting you to update your data via this link  
You can let us know what you are currently doing, as of when you might be open again for a new position and what type of role you are aiming at.

If you stumble upon an issue logging on, drop me an email. We are also curious what your further experience is when you log on and update your data. You can reach me through bh@treasurersearch.com.

We strive to get and keep our database up to date and I thank you for your help!

Kind regards, 


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