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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Video in our recruitment – we will start pilots  

Kim Vercoulen 14-02-2019 1:00 PM
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Over the last years technology is rapidly evolving and so is its impact on the recruitment process. Whether this impact is always for the positive is a point of discussion amongst recruitment specialists. For example, more and more companies are using applicant tracking systems (ATS), we do too. These systems offer the functionality to search for keywords in a CV. If the systems also makes go or no-go decisions, candidates might be falsely rejected. A pair of human eyes is still necessary. 

We are positive about the use of video in recruitment. We have various pilot plans to find out how this medium can make recruitment better. Our ATS recently integrated a video feature that makes the use of skype redundant. We might reach out to you if you are open to test it with us.. 

Video interviewing

Video interviewing is one of the other technology developments in HR that is in growing demand. Skype is already being widely used to have interviews, for example for  candidates that are abroad and thus unable to come in for a personal interview. Live interviewing takes time to schedule and candidates need to find the time and place to be available during their working hours. There is another option.

This is where asynchronous video interviewing comes in. Currently we are exploring the option of using an interview system (HelloCandidate), where candidates can video record a short pitch or answer pre-selected questions. These kind of video interviews are mostly used in the initial stage of the hiring process. It saves time and is more convenient, as no scheduling is required and candidates can do the interview at a time that suits them (probably at home before or after work or in the weekend). It’s a way to facilitate the process, hiring managers or recruiters are still the ones making the final call (instead of a computer program). 

Candidate experience

Except that it’s convenient and time saving, it’s also a way to give all candidates the same chance to highlight their experience and explain why they are the best candidate for the job. In the chosen system, candidates can re-record if they do not like their initial input. After this initial stage, unsuitable candidates will be rejected and suitable candidates will proceed. 

By using pre-recorded video interviews or pitches we want to take our candidate experience to a higher level whilst saving time in the initial recruitment phase. Of course we would like to hear your opinion about using video interviews in recruitment, just leave a comment!


Kim Vercoulen


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