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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

About Team Treasurer Search

Pieter de Kiewit 12-04-2018 2:06 PM
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It has been a while since we informed you about our team. Given that it is our goal to build long lasting relationships with the corporate treasury community, we hope you would like to know who we are. Our strong relationship with you results in better understanding what you do and what drives you, thus preparing us for making better and swifter matches. In our team consultants manage the process as a whole, our support helps them make it happen.

There are three consultants in our team. Before Heleen joined, we already used her assessment services. She holds degrees in business economics, law and psychology. Her entrepreneurial mindset and service orientation were already enjoyed by many large Dutch corporates. She handles medior and senior assignments. The youngest consultant in our team is Kim. She has a degree in psychology and worked in HR and recruitment. She is the original Venlonaar and focuses on junior positions and marketing activities. Pieter started Treasurer Search nine years ago. He has a degree in industrial engineering and management and a track record of 25 years in recruitment. He manages interim projects and treasury vacancies at all levels.

For many of you, your first contact with Treasurer Search is with Monique. She is the pivot point in our organisation. She schedules and plans, presents and coordinates. Monique keeps an eye on all recruitment processes so no candidate will be forgotten. Bianca takes care of the database: all data should be up-to-date and correct. Even in a small niche, this brings in a lot of work. Bianca is the back-up of Monique. We are currently supported in specific tasks by Joep who focuses on AVG and Merel who is involved in an exciting project we will inform you about in our next newsletter. Finally Lionel and our advisory board help us in, mainly treasury related, topics.

When I started I did not expect we would need an organisation as intricate like this. Corporate treasury is only a small niche! We achieved a lot but have ideas to move forward, never a dull moment. This about our team, we look forward to our next contact with you.

On behalf of the Team,

pdk@treasurersearch.com / +31611119783


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