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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Treasurer Search in 2020 and a bit about 2021

Pieter de Kiewit 10-11-2020 3:42 PM
Categories: About Us

Is this the covid-19-year we should quickly forget? Should we focus only on next year? I don’t think so. For most of us this year has been tough, one way or the other. Our revenue dropped. As colleagues we like each other and we love to communicate with clients, candidates and others. That has not been possible in the way we wanted. But we learned to appreciate what we’ve got, not only what we miss. A stable team: no new team members & also nobody left. Strong skills appreciated by the market, new skills necessary in these times and a cooperative business network. And very important: loving family members who found working solutions with us.

Stable foundation, interim management rules and fintech comes up
March and April brought us the biggest dip and uncertain times. That’s when we got confirmed what we already knew: interim management has grown into an essential part of our business. Interim treasurers on business-critical positions, recruited by us, secured a stable basis for our clients and for us. When employer confidence went up again, various treasury fintech clients came in first and asked us to help them staff their organizations. My explanation is that working from home helped to convince the few senior managers who were holding back investments. Offices will remain most likely not occupied like before and fintech solutions are necessary. By now regular senior and junior corporate treasury recruitment assignments are in our portfolio again. The number of infected were higher in the second wave but together we all know better if and how to move forward.

Team Treasurer Search
We are a small team of six colleagues, not family but we care. This year has been eventful. One of us has been tested positive, has gotten sick and better. And worse, one of us lost family. Luckily we could also celebrate: houses were bought and/or moved into, one of us married, one of us graduated and one of us prepared for the best start of 2021. Two of us entered their sixth year in Team Treasurer Search. And of course our new office is ready to be occupied, corona permitting. 

Partnership with treasuryXL
Treasurer Search is one of the founding partners of www.treasuryXL.com. Director Community and Partner Kendra has been able to bring the platform to the next level. The increased quality of content and size & quality of the audience secures a continuous flow of interesting treasury stories. You do not need to hear me say that treasury niche recruitment makes sense twenty times per year! This success totally matches my personal mission to help create a broader audience for and deeper knowledge base in treasury. We will continue investing in bringing treasury expertise to organizations with exposure, with or without an own treasury team. 

I will not predict what next year will look like. What I can tell you is what we will focus on. We will continue our dialogue with treasury experts at all level. We will inform and connect. No big steps in other directions than before: recruitment for interim and permanent treasury positions at senior to junior level. We will organize treasury round tables, preferably in person, otherwise video-based. We will further introduce treasury into organizations without a treasurer and bring the Treasurer Test to a larger audience. And support treasury educators in any way we can. 

Hopefully together with you. I cannot wait,



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