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© Sculpture: Jos Dirix
© Sculpture: Jos Dirix

Tips for getting your dream job in 2019

K. Vercoulen 07-01-2019 4:00 PM
Categories: Labour Market

It’s January and people are back from their holidays which a lot of us have spent reevaluating our goals for the new year. The beginning of a new year is a time where people feel motivated to make changes and this doesn’t stop at simply going to the gym to work on those triceps. Making a career move is also often a new years resolution. But where to start? In this article I give you some tips on how to get the job you desire.

Clean up your resume
The very first thing you need to do when you start applying for a job is to make sure that it’s easy for recruiters (and sometimes even online applicant tracking systems) to see the match between your experience and the job described. Look closely at task descriptions and make sure that your relevant experiences for this specific job are clearly mentioned in your resume. This also means you should reevaluate your resume for each position you apply for.

Use your connections
Talk to family and friends about possible opportunities, perhaps you will find they know someone who works at your dream company who can help you with strengthening your application (for example by recommending you at HR). Update your LinkedIn profile and check if you have any connections at the company you are applying at.

It’s also good to approach an internal recruiter to ask a few questions about the vacancy. Take note, don’t ask questions that you could have answered for yourself by reading the job description or by taking a look at the company website. This can come off as unprepared and lax.

This is also where recruitment agencies come in handy. They have connections you can take advantage of and sometimes have vacancies that you won’t find on the company websites. Recruitment agencies can also help you with explaining your resume to hiring managers/recruiters of the company they are recruiting for.

Prepare for your interview
When you have landed an interview, make sure you come prepared. For starters, look thoroughly at the job description, the company website and look up the people you are meeting with. For more pointers go to our article "7 pointers how to prepare for your job interview". Also make sure you prepare for the most frequently asked questions in a job interview and know how to describe your competences using the STAR technique.

Write follow-up letters
Just imagine, you have had a great interview but the hiring manager has spoken to another candidate that matches their vacancy just as well. How can you make yourself stand out and make sure you are the one they choose? One thing you can do is writing a thoughtful thank you letter to the person(s) you have had the interview with. This way you stay ‘top of mind’ and they will know you are seriously interested in the position.

Now go on with your job search and applications, and make 2019 your best year yet!


Kim Vercoulen


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